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Once the registration is filled out, the signed waiver of responsibilities must be taken to 700 to proceed to the payment in that place. Payment can be made by credit card. The registration fee is $70. Registration serves to cover the cost of the chip service for taking and consolidating race times.
The race will take place with open traffic on gravel and paved roads. 80% of the route is ballasted and 20% is paved. There is no pushing bike. It is an ideal race for "Gravel" type bikes but it can be run on any bike.
Please take into account the following points:
1. The runner assumes and is solely responsible for the risk inherent in road cycling, and therefore in this race. Take into account that it will be run under very dangerous conditions such as roads with open traffic, dizzying descents, unstable terrain and dangerous to maneuver such as gravel roads.
2. It is a self-supplied race, therefore the accompaniment and private supply is prohibited. In previous races we have seen how runners receive the visit, accompaniment, and even supply of family and friends. It is this running event that receives supply or particular accompaniment will be disqualified. The broker can make use of all the services open to the public such as shops, restaurants, hotels, mechanics, etc.
3. The use of motorized means of mobilization within the race is prohibited. Runner using a motorized vehicle is out of competition.
4. The route is mandatory. When a runner leaves the route for rest, supply, or mechanical repair; You must return to the route at the same point where you left the route. Runner who does not follow the mandatory route will be disqualified. To get the race route you have to download the GPX file from the following link and upload it to your GPS navigation device. We remind you that the route is not signposted, therefore it is essential to download the route:
5. In this event you can race on any type of bicycle, but the bicycles that will have the greatest advantage are the Gravel ones.
6. It is essential to be self-sufficient, for this reason it is recommended to bring more food and water than you think you will use, bring a first aid kit, bring enough protection from the sun, bring protection for low temperatures and rain, bring bicycle in excellent condition, carry a complete bicycle repair kit, carry excellent quality front and rear bicycle lights, have a good physique and an excellent attitude.
7. On this occasion and thanks to 700 we will have a broom car, and a basic mechanical service and sale of tubes and some spare parts at the arrival and departure points.
8. We will have non-compulsory general camps at the arrival locations. In other words, the runner can sleep in the camp or can make use of inns and lodgings open to the public. The official departure time from the camps will be at 7 am. In other words, the departure will be given in each stage at 7 am and that will be the time from which the chip will be marking the time until the arrival.
8. Each participant is 100% responsible for their health and well-being. If you are unable to get out of remote locations on your own, even with mechanical or health problems, this event is not for you.
9. We will have chip service for registration and tabulation of times.
10. It is essential to register at and the subsequent payment of $70.00 in 700, up to 1 week before the event . Late registrations will not be accepted.
11. The route is open all year round and you can enjoy it without the group start, without chips, without times or general classification; whenever you like!
9. We will have 4 categories:
a. Ladies under 40
b. Ladies over 40 years
c. Men under 40 years
d. Men over 40 years

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