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The fourth brevet of this year will be the Ecuadorian Coastal Route (Ruta del Spóndylus), a route of 600Km, 6000m+, with a maximum time to complete it of 40 hours, and which goes as follows:

Same - Pedernales - Jama - Bahía - Manta - Pto. Lopez - Manglaralto - San Vicente - Progreso - Villamil Beaches

The entire route is paved, there are no gravel or cobbled sections.

The fundamental characteristics of the brevets is that they are ultra-long distance events, self-supplied, and with open traffic. Therefore:
1. The cyclist knows and assumes the entire risk involved in riding a bicycle on roads with open traffic; and releases the organizer from all responsibility.
2. The cyclist must have experience to navigate these ultra long distance and self catered events.
3. The cyclist must be self-sufficient in food, water, basic bicycle mechanics, and protection from the elements (rain, cold, heat, sun). And you should be aware of the dangers of overexposure to these elements.
4. The cyclist must be able to withdraw from the event by his own means in case of mechanical damage, health problems, blows, fatigue or others. That is, you must have money and a cell phone to be able to ask family, friends, or transportation services for help.
5. The cyclist must have and know how to use GPS devices since the route is not marked and therefore its navigation and registration is essential. The route is completely mandatory and any omission of it is grounds for disqualification. If a cyclist leaves the route for any reason, they must return to the route at the same place where they left it.
6. The cyclist can make use of the services that are open to the public, such as shops, restaurants, hotels, mechanics, etc.
7. The cyclist could not receive private supply or vehicular accompaniment. This is grounds for disqualification.
8. The cyclist can circulate in a group of cyclists, but he cannot carry gregarious, much less use a motorized vehicle.
9. The cyclist must respect traffic regulations, circulate to the right.
10. It is MANDATORY to wear a highly durable red rear light. Front light of very good quality and high durability to be visible and to be able to pedal at night. Reflective vests, high visibility clothing, and the greatest possible precaution are recommended.

Requirements for the Costanera Brevet:

1. Place of Departure: Same, Esmeraldas
2. Date: Friday, June 16
3. Time to sign the Exit on the Registration Sheet: 05:50h
4. Departure time: 06:00h
5. The time limit to complete the route is 40 hours. That is, at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 17, the event closes at Playas Villamil.
6. Upon arrival at Playas Villamil, take a photo at the sign that says PLAYAS on the beach with the arrival time, upload the photo (it can be temporary 48h) to Instagram and use the hashtag #brevetcostanera600K
7. You must register the route taken in Strava and be a member of the Strava Bikepacking Ecuador Club.

Ladies under 40 years
Ladies over 40 years
Men under 40 years
Men over 40 years.

For this event we are going to have a transport service for bicycles and people from Quito to Casablanca and from Playas Villamil to Quito. We leave on Thursday, June 15 at 8:00 a.m. from the Tribuna de los Shyris and the return is on Sunday, June 18 at 8:00 a.m. from Playas to Quito.
This van will also close the route so that if any participant left the event, they will be able to reach Playas in the van. The value of the transportation service is $90. People interested in this service please contact Felipe Borja 0998790074.

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