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The 3 Volcanoes Bikepacking Race is based on one principle: pedaling along the established route, as fast as possible independently and self-sufficient.

1. Complete the entire route, under your own power.

* The route is defined as 100% of the route provided in the GPX file. - If you have to leave the route to re-supply, rest, repair or feed, return to the route at the same point that you left. Do not cut path or take shortcuts

2. No support teams, no supplies, no pacers

3. No motorized transportation or “finger pulling” EXCEPT for travel to hospital / medical care

4. Equipment - Nothing required, nothing prohibited. Each bikepackers is responsible for their safety.

5. Without eBike

6. Keep the SPOT satellite tracker on throughout the race

7. Be kind and cordial to other participants, members of the organization and all the people they meet on the way


Beyond all ideals of self-reliance and equal opportunity, the most important "rules" have to do with being a responsible partner and thinking about the repercussions of your actions.

  • Don't litter, try to leave as little trace as possible

  • The future of the race depends on everyone being courteous to the other people we meet on the route. Just because you're competing doesn't mean you have right of way. Give way to everyone.

<> · Doors. There are many on the route. The general rule of thumb is: unless you can see another bikepacker coming behind, always close a door that opens. Don't assume that the people you were traveling with are coming.

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As always, if someone doesn't agree with these rules or doesn't want to follow them (or the route!), That's perfectly fine. Just pedal the 3 Volcanoes on your own and have nothing to do with the event. Thank you.

We are also happy to hear well-reasoned arguments about the changes.

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A few more words about bikepacking races. Remember that the principles are self-sufficiency and equal opportunities.

This is a solo competition, but during the race some runners are likely to choose to ride together. This is allowed.

HOWEVER, runners CANNOT recruit other riders and MUST maintain a separate team. Limited forms of sharing (small food items, a small repair item) are considered camaraderie.

One last word on the rules: The original intention of this race is to travel the route as fast as possible in the simplest and purest style possible.


Both routes are similar, what differs is the distance and the town of arrival. The two routes start from the Pintag Park, at a specific time, on a specific day.

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