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Much of the race takes place on gravel and cobbled roads, although there are also sections of technical trail and even sections where it is not possible to pedal so you have to push the bike. There are also sections of paved road where much attention must be paid to vehicular traffic. The recommended bicycle for this route is a Mountain Bike or a "Gravel" Bike equipped with mountain tires. It is a race with high altitude and with a lot of unevenness that passes through many inhospitable places, far from towns. For this reason, it is recommended to be totally self-sufficient, that is, carry camping equipment, carry more food and water than you think you will use, carry a first aid kit, carry a system to make water drinkable, carry enough protection to the sun, wear a lot of protection for low temperatures and rain, carry a bicycle in excellent condition, have a good physique and an excellent attitude. Great caution is recommended in the quick and / or technical sections since the organization will not provide any rescue system. Each participant is 100% responsible for their health and well-being. If you are not able to get out of remote places on your own, even in case of mechanical or health problems, this event is not for you. In this race the same format and self-sufficiency policies are followed as in races such as Tour Divide, Arizona Trail, or Colorado Trail:


Distance: 627 km

Departure: Central Park of Cumbaya

Arrival: Abdon Calderon Park in Cuenca

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