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As Bikepacking Ecuador we want to represent the interests of cyclists and protectors of nature. We want to cooperate with landowners to promote conservation and access to these areas in a respectful and consensual way. We advocate for the country's parks and nature reserves for greater protection, and for continuous access for cycling, especially for the protection of ancestral chaquiñanes that create crucial connections between our history and cycling.

We think that the pillars of Bikepacking Ecuador should be the conservation and access to private and public lands. Some of the best bikepacking routes are found on private land and national parks or nature reserves. These places deserve protection, whether public or private. We believe that the conservation of these lands go hand in hand. By protecting these spaces, we maintain ecosystems, support local economies, and ensure there is a future for cycling and recreation. We also believe that you cannot love what you do not know. By facilitating the connection between human and nature through bicycles, we believe that we are fostering a connection that will inspire conservation ethics and action.

We support private and public landowners who increasingly recognize the link between conservation and access to recreation. Cyclists seek the same qualities of experience that have always drawn people to the great outdoors: quiet, natural and spacious places to explore.

With this initiative, we want to build a community of cyclists who share the same values of respect, lifestyle and above all that the bicycle is a tool of transformation towards something better. By holding events we intend to create a fund to invest in routes, signage, accesses, conservation, shelters, etc.

We invite all people who want to be part of this community, who want to contribute with ideas, work, workshops, that can influence this Bikepacking Ecuador community to be a project that they can enjoy for many generations.

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