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The race will take place with open traffic on paved roads, gravel roads, and cobblestones. In the Quito - Riobamba section, the Pan-American highway will not be used as there are several paved and ballasted sections. In this section, 85% of the route is paved but on second-order roads. From Riobamba onwards the race runs along the Pan-American Highway, that is, this section is 100% paved.

Please take the following points into account:

1. The rider assumes and is solely responsible for the risk inherent in road cycling, and therefore this race. Take into account that you will run under very dangerous conditions such as high-speed roads, possibly at night, and with very high fatigue.

2. The essence of a Brevet is that it is a self-supplied race, therefore the accompaniment and private supply is prohibited. In previous races we have seen how runners are visited, accompanied, and even supplied by family and friends. In this event, the runner who receives supply or personal accompaniment will be disqualified. The broker can make use of all the services open to the public such as shops, restaurants, hotels, mechanics, etc.

3. The use of motorized means of mobilization within the race is prohibited. Runner who uses a motorized vehicle is out of competition.

4. The route is mandatory. When a runner leaves the route for rest or supply, or mechanical repair; You must return to the route at the same point where you left the route. Runner who does not follow the mandatory route will be disqualified. To obtain the race route you have to download the GPX file from the following link and upload it to your GPS navigation device. We remind you that the route is not signposted, therefore it is essential to download the route

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