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Los Tres Volcanes' is a challenging route that connects Ecuador's most iconic volcanoes: the perfectly conical Cotopaxi, the impressive Quilotoa crater and the elevated Chimborazo point that is most distant from the center of the earth. The terrain covers everything the Ecuadorian highlands have to offer, from dirt roads, trails, open moorlands, to cobblestones and "Hike a Bike."

Distance: 379 km

Departure: Central Park of Cumbaya

Arrival: Guayaquil de Riobamba Park


Los Dos Volcanes' is an equally challenging route, it is the same route as Los 3 Volcanes with the difference that it ends in the Quilotoa community. The Route crosses the pristine paramos of the Cotopaxi Volcano, crossing the famous Morro and then descending to the inter-Andean valley and continuing towards the community of Quilotoa.

Distance: 206 km

Departure: Central Park of Cumbaya

Arrival: Community of Quilotoa


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